A big e-commercial company launched a multi-channel products promotion, but they always struggle with those untruthful ROIs of some channels that cannot be measured actually.

This situation leads to that hard to make a decision about marketing cost allocation
However, our multi-channel optimizing model helped them to solve this problem effectively.

At the same time, the model can compute the effect from the long-term brand equality to the short-time market order.

As for brand advertisers, our professional model can provide solid criterions of brand advertising in the angle of effects.

A E-Commercial Company

According to the results from the model, the company greatly increased the investment to DSP and social media promotion, and decreased the investment to television and DM later. In this case, the number of orders rose significantly!

*The retention rate is much better than expected in DSP, social media promotion and DM channels.

* The marketing effect of non-brand keywords research is 20% lower than expected.

*Approximately 18% of orders are brought by long-term brand equity which has nothing to do with short time marketing champion.


A webpage game company cares about the effect of market launch on the retention rate of the next day very much. Our system provides marketing effects and optimization suggestions of all the related marketing channels in multi-aspect. Moreover, customers can export all these reports to their PC.

Just a click of button, the whole market will be under your control !

A Game Company

Comprehensive understanding about the market selling, promotion cost, and converting condition of each district.
The system offers a reliable reference for the sub-regional marketing.

全面 了解各个地区的市场销售,推广成本及转化情况。



Tracking the conversion path of each marketing channel inside websites.
Helping to optimize the page design and sales strategy for landing page, product page, shopping cart, and buy page.


– – Offering varieties of visits, conversion rate, conversion cost, ROI etc. in time dimension to thoroughly understand the changes about market efforts and promotion effects.

— Effect comparison between different media and effects of DSP in DSP channel helps multi-media promotion and DSP optimization available at a click of button.

– – Making decisions effectively by means of effects assessment visualization of advertisement originality, advertising position and promotion plan.

We can conclude that:
The xinshu DSP has the lowest conversion cost whose investment can be increased.
The baidu has the worst effect whose investment should be decreased.

Search Channels

According to the table above, the search engine 360 has the highest efficient while sougou has the lowest.
The bar chart left is the proportion of baidu in search channels.

– – Displaying all search channels in one platform.

– – The effect of keywords promotion is easy-to-read.

– – The performance-related contrast of market champion displayed cross time.

Diversion Site

We can see from the cart below:
u CPL, 07073 and 265G have higher promotion efficient.
7979U and shunwang have worse effect whose investments should be decreased.

— Contrast the ROI of different conversion site.

— Suggestions about investments increase/decrease of conversion site promotion.

磞蹦网CPL, 07073开服表和265G开服表推广效率高。

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