Bottom Up – One-Stop Marketing Optimizing System

Mass online datas and real-time cleansing analyze models

Generalizing visual angles of channels and revitalizing the data accumulations

Optimizing decisions that can be made immediately with friendly and clear interface

Mature models with experience of big customers’ group


Top Down – the Whole Line Marketing Decision-Making Service

Combining with online and offline channels

Digital technology of offline marketing

Integrating digital and non-digital marketing

Customizing personality marketing models


Web – Website Marketing Analyze System

Judging the overall operation conditions

Advancing the core behavior conversions

Assessing multi-channels’ quality

Upgrading the exists of customers comprehensively


APP – Mobile Marketing Analyze System

Building a comprehensive analyze system

Refining big data marketing

Showing the depth of users’ participant

Assisting strategy-making of the marketing

Product Highlights

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