About Us

MBTech is the international leading cross-channel marketing big data solution provider.

We use the big data machine learning and modeling to direct strike the marketing “Pain Points” !

What is the real ROI of each marketing channel under the influence of other multi channels?

Which channel is more effective?

How to optimize the marketing plan under multi channels or inner a single ones?

How to allocate the promoting fund and resources?How to allocate the promoting fund and resources?How to allocate the promoting fund and resources?

The sales volume, orders, number of downloads, number of activate, or any other self-defined KPI will be significantly boosted by using our system and also save the resource of IT and analysts.
Our duty is to help you achieve your “GOAL”!

The core technology team members are from the famous America companies with solid theory foundation and rich practical experience in the intelligence of marketing system, data mining and modeling. Our original model is outstanding in the competitive market, and the optimization effects hold a lead in the whole America.

In the general background of rising market costs, high customer order costs and the enterprises are hard to make a profit, through providing big data analysis and service, the system helps to significantly improve sales volume/order quantity/activation number without increasing the market promotion costs.

Our team got rich industry experience and very familiar with the most advanced e-commercial marketing strategy and manage technology in the whole world.

Our original model structure has gone through the market test overseas whose optimize result acts the leading role in the whole America.

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