One-Stop Marketing Optimize System

After 10 years professional accumulation in marketing analyze field, we MBTECH elaborately created an enterprise-level professional system through tracking the full chain conversion path, analyzing and modeling by big data, accurately calculating the cross effects from different marketing channels, and offering the real ROI of each marketing channel. The system provides the optimize plan for marketing cost allocation which helps businesses to retrieve wasted marketing costs and significantly increase the sales volume!

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Modern enterprises generally adopt online and offline multi-channel marketing promotion.

such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, catalogues, street signs…

Search, guide, network, social media, email, e-commerce platform…


more than half of promotion cost is invalid!

How to recover the wasted promotion cost?

How to discover the true and effective promotion channels?

How to increase sales without increasing the cost of promotion cost

and conversions rates?

A Typical Situation