• Analyzing the Cross Effects from Advertising Channels and Lifting the ROI by 25%!

  • Overall Optimization on the Combination Marketing of Both Online and Offline

  • One-Stop Automatically Tracking and Assessing Service of Multi Channels Marketing

MBTECH – One-Stop Big Data Integrated Marketing Service Provider

We will tell you:

  How to save the wasted advertising costs?

  How to find out the most valid and effective promotion channels?

  How to significantly lift the ROI without increasing the market promotion costs?

—Clarifying the Real Contribution to ROI from Each Channel.

Removing the invalid effects of ROI from the outdoor display media conversion  to online.

Removing the effects of other channels  in combination marketing of the EDM.

Should I rise the investment to some specific channels base on the real ROI?

—Quantizing the ROI of Display Advertisement.

How much is the real contribution to ROI of television commercials in combination marketing?

How much is the real contribution to ROI of the LED promotion in Times Square in NYC?

Does the ROI from exposure channels trouble you a lot about choosing marketing channels?

—Quantizing the ROI of Emerging Issuing Channels.

Should I increase the DSP channels or just try a little bit?

How to allocate the limited fund to product placement or DSP?

How about the effect of IP content advertising on ROI?

Did you ever meet such problems?

How to Compute the ROI of the Search Channel?

Whether the ROI of the search channel is valid?

How many orders from the search channel are brought by the brand equity?

How many orders are brought by the effects from other channels?

How many orders are really brought by the search channel?

Should I increase (or decrease) the investment to the search channel?

Effect Measurement of Messages, DM and EDM

I have launched the email (message/DM) promotion,

After a time slot,I computed the repurchase rate or ROI by counting the conversions from my promotion.

Dose this result show the valid of this channel?

If not, what should I do?

How to Calculate the Effect to Sales Volume from Television Advertisements?

I cost 50 millions to television advertisement.

I know how many exposures from them.

I know how much search times have risen.

I also know that the brand awareness has risen by 5%.

However, how much dose the 50 millions television cost contributed to the sales volume of a specific sales campaign like the Black Friday?

The Effects from the DSP to Other Channels?

The ROI of my DSP is as low as 1:2.

Should I decrease the investment to this channel?

The ROI of one of my DSP reachs to 1:3 which is just right the breakeven point.

Should I increase the investment to this channel?

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